This virtual environment provides a blended learning experience for physics students.  Students can access:

  • curriculum documents such as worksheets, labs, readings, and handouts,
  • links to the online textbook, supplementary animations, simulations, and videos,
  • online formative quizzes, and
  • assigned discussion forums.

Integrated reading 9

Video Game Development provides students with a complete understanding of the technological and creative aspects of video game design in an easy-to-follow format. This “turnkey” curriculum is the complete guide to immersion in the field, from beginning each game build project through completion, integration, and marketing. Simulated design teams will have the opportunity to learn all aspects of team building, including the creative, business, and technological components required to launch a new video game system.

        (Introduction to Video Game Design by D. Michael Ploor, p3)

Students will participate in a simulation of a real video game design team, seeing each project from origination to fruition. This provides an invaluable lesson in team building that can be applied to any other aspect of the technology and engineering industries in real life future careers.                                                                         (Introduction to Video Game Design by D. Michael Ploor, p3)